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Gut Health During #WFH

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As we adjust to working from home, we’ve never been more conscious of our eating habits. Fortunately, there are some brilliant solutions to maintaining a healthy diet during lockdown.

We recently completed work on a project that delivers nutritionally endorsed ready-to-heat meals and snacks directly to busy professionals across London. Dedicated to empowering us to take control of our lives through food, now more than ever Kurami is a brilliant solution as our busy lives show no sign of slowing down, just because we’re confined to our homes.

Eating for a healthy gut is a key nutritional focus of each of the brand’s meal paths. So important is our gut that it is even considered the ‘second brain’ of the human body. It’s also well established that the bacteria present within our guts plays an integral role in many fundamental functions, especially immunity.

Micro-organisms that exist in the gut can even influence behaviour, with some research suggesting beneficial microbes even impact mood and anxiety levels.

Conscious of our dietary habits now more than ever, we’ve been inspired to look at some of the ways we can ensure our diet takes care of our gut as we cook from home. So, here are our top 5 tips to eat well for your gut health.

The community of microbes contained within a healthy gut is complex and diverse, so it makes sense that to satisfy and optimise the health benefits they offer, our diets must be varied too. Incorporating a wide range of veg into your diet is a super-simple way towards having all bases covered. Order a whole box of London’s freshest produce straight to your door from local suppliers through FoodBox London and support the community from the comfort of your own home at the same time.

And if you live in Surrey, Buckinghamshire or Berkshire, then we’ve recently developed and launched Fe2Go, an online store for our favourite suburban clients, Fego - delivering their a la carte dishes alongside ready-to-heat meals, groceries, provisions and fresh produce boxes. Go check them out! For every delivery they make, they’re feeding a key NHS worker.

2. Eat Fermented Foods

Whilst you might be struggling to get hold of some of the basic essentials in supermarkets at the moment, the good news is that some of the lesser known ingredients are likely to be readily available - as well as being a natural source of beneficial probiotics too. Our favourite fermented food is Kimchi - check out BBC Food for some brilliant recipe inspiration to cook with it at home.

And if you’re looking for a small, independent brand then Eaten Alive should definitely be your first stop.

3. Sip On Kombucha

Kombucha is on the up! We saw it frequently feature in restaurants across the UK and it’s now well and truly entered the mainstream, due to its undeniable health benefits.

This fermented tea-based drink is a brilliant source of powerful antioxidants that boost immunity. A brilliant way to support independent business at the moment is to order some directly to your door, enjoying it in the knowledge you’re taking care of your gut health at the same time.

London-based Wild Fizz offer some brilliant flavours through their website, where you can even read about how to make your own Kombucha at home. As if that wasn’t enough, they’re offering discounts to NHS staff throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We were particularly excited by the flavour combination of ginger, turmeric and black pepper - ours is on the way already.

Our friends over at Dapple Studio created the brand identity for Jarr, one of our personal favourites. Order this online from many places, or drop the good folk at Sourced Market online, who stock the product in all of their stores.

4. Add Yoghurt

We’re big fans of starting our day as we mean to go on and in this instance, as un-rebellious as it may be, we never skip breakfast. Adding yoghurt to fresh fruit and granola is an easy way to introduce probiotic cultures that could promote good bacteria in your gut.

Preparing and eating breakfast is also a brilliant way to get into the habit of introducing routine as we settle into remote-working, so by waking up with bowls like these you can win on many fronts.

5. Make It ‘Garlicky’

Beyond flavour alone, garlic brings some brilliant health benefits to the table when it comes to taking care of your gut. It contains a hefty nutrient content , packing a punch far beyond the elevation of taste. Throw some into your weekly shop - if ever you needed a reason to excuse your garlic breath as you boost your immune system, it’s this.

As we all find ourselves balancing the demands of a changing world right now, you’d be forgiven for wishing nutrition could be taken care of for you. Head over to to see how you can order delicious, nutritionally-endorsed meals directly to your door.

We can’t think of a better way to support an independent business and local suppliers, all whilst having our dietary health covered and one less thing to think about. We’re also quite proud of the project, and therefore unashamedly biased.