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Top 4 Interior Design Comebacks

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What goes around comes around they say. Though this is not only for karma, we have also seen this in interior design trends. Trends that were popular decades ago are making their way back into 2018. Whether it is surfaces, materials or furnishings, they are being reinterpreted and suddenly reappearing into our lives.

1920 -1930’s Art Deco

Whether in its original form or a reinterpretation of art deco, the roaring 20’s have been revived. Last year was all about velvet and metallic finishes, and still, a key influence for this year. But adding to this decade, we see dark woods, sumptuous fabrics such as jewel-toned velvets and the use of materials such as marble and semi-precious stones to get that elegant feeling from the lavish cocktail and champagne decade.

We particularly like XU and Epoca’s interiors which both feel unmistakably deco whilst completely current.

1950’s Rattan

Rattan continues to be a go-to material for both, indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s chairs, tables, vases or even lamps, we see this originally Indian material coming back and making its way even into the most luxurious spots, as shown here in La Forêt Noire in Chaponost.

1950’s – 1980’s Bold to Pastel Colours

We saw mid-century bold colour palettes coming back when everything became bright pink, but this year we’re seeing more and more colour. Whether a statement chair, a fridge or a full colourful kitchen, we’re seeing bright yellows, greens and purples coming back. However, at the same time, pastel colours remain popular. From pink and peach to mustard and jade green we see these colours taking over and especially when combined with black or metallic details. Whether it is pastel like at SHUGAA in Bangkok or Bold like at Oretta in Toronto, we see colours everywhere especially inspired by graphic patterns.

1970’s Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a material that can be found so commonly, yet it is often under appreciated. A common use for this material was for public floors at, for example, train stations. However, we see Terrazzo coming back as more than just a long lasting floor, but a material to design outstanding lamps (like the ones below from 1stdibs) , and beautiful tables, just like the central island and tables in one of our latest projects, Sapling in Dalston.

We love seeing old trends coming back and reinterpreted for the current day. Did we miss any that you think will take over 2018?

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