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Veganism - It's Here To Stay

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Veganism. It’s here and, in light of recent climatic emergencies (hallelujah!), it’s very likely here to stay.

Long gone are the days of 2015 when, in the UK at least, the vegetarian option was likely a mere mélange of leftovers tossed with Arborio rice or, at a push, button mushrooms fresh off the field; today’s most successful menus offer an array of vegetable forward options to satisfy the ever demanding flexitarian of 2019.

This is a blatant generalization of course. Places like Ottolenghi, Palomar, Honey & Co, Rasa, Dishoom and Lyle’s have long offered quality vegan options, without feeling the need to dust off the zeitgeist-branded megaphone. And as leading chefs embrace the trend — from Ravinder Bhogal of Jikoni to Chantelle Nicholson of Tredwells and Atul Kochhar of Benares — expect to find more exciting and creative vegetable-focused dishes popping up on regular menus across London. It’s becoming the new normal.

According to The Independent in April 2018, 3.5 million people identify themselves as being vegan in Great Britain and in 2018 the UK launched more vegan products than any nation, resulting in a number of movements connected to veganism that are not merely focused on what we eat, but how we live.

The convergence of ethical consumerism and vegan, vegetarian or plant based eating means that every operator needs to really think about how they cater to both these considerable behavioral changes. Because it’s without question that that party of 5 meat-lovers are going to be swayed by the one vegan in the group when they decide where to part with their hard-earned cash.

Whether hospitality brands are upping their credentials for identity over ethics is by the by, for as long as the consumer continues to vote with their wallet, they remain king and queen of this compassionate equation.

Here are some equally interesting veganic goings on within the hospitality and design space

1. London’s First Vegan Hotel Room

Hilton London Bankside offer London’s first luxury vegan hotel suite. Adorned without leathers nor feathers nor wool and walls lacquered with latex paints and foams, the room uses 100% sustainable, plant-based components. No mean feat.

2. Vegan Interior Design Book

Bringing affordable* vegan luxury into homeward ground, Deborah Dimare’s home edition of Vegan Interiors ensures those with exemplary conscientious credentials can still make considered purchases for our home, albeit at a considered price.

*Expect to pay in excess of £100 for a new soft back

3. Vegan Design

According to Dezeen, vegan interiors are set to become as popular as vegan food.

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Article by Barnaby Ingram