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World Earth Day- 5 Simple And Stylish Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Usage

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We’ve all seen the horrifying images of the Sperm Whale who washed up on the Spanish coast in February, having reportedly ingested 64 pounds (28kg) of plastic. This is yet another stark reminder that we have a huge global plastic problem that can no longer be ignored.

Reducing our plastic consumption and that of our projects is something that we’ve been thinking about a lot at Rebel, thanks in no small part to our collaborator Dan Webb’s incredible Everyday Plastic campaign which has been gaining momentum of late. So ahead of Earth Day on Sunday 22nd April, we thought now would be the perfect time to pull together our top 5 most inventive and stylish solutions to reducing plastic consumption, swapping out single use and disposable items with products that look and feel as good as they are for the planet.

1. Stay Sixty water bottles

They say – “Meet Stay Sixty, the beautifully crafted reusable water bottle designed to fit effortlessly into your daily routine. Our bottles are easy to clean & easy to carry, meaning you can concentrate on life’s little adventures. Meet your new favourite accessory”

We say – Designed down the road from us in Dalston, we love how these bottles look and feel and swapping out single use plastic bottles for one in our favourite colour was a no brainer

Everyday Plastic says – “The proposed Deposit Return Scheme is a step in the right direction, but having your own refillable and reusable water bottle is the most cost-effective in the long run”

2. Frank Green Smart Cups and Smart Bottles

They say – “What we make is innovative products that are stylish, functional and great for our environment. The kind you want to carry with you. They are SmartCups and SmartBottles. Our aesthetic is refined and pared back in shape, letting you enhance your natural and authentic style. Our products are an interplay of bold colours, tonal hues and soft pastels. Ideal for the minimalist, the maximalist, or anyone in between.”

We say – If you love matching accessories as much as we do, then you could do a lot worse than getting yourself a cup and bottle from the enormous range of colours and materials that Frank Green now offer.

Everyday Plastic says – “Sustainable, sexy and smart. What more do you need!”

3. Adidas x Parley Ocean Plastic Trainers

They say – “We are working with Parley to prevent plastic entering our oceans and transform it into high performance sportswear. Spinning the problem into a solution. The threat into a thread.

We say – Certain members of the Rebel team (read, Ed) have a bit of a thing for Adidas and therefore we couldn’t resist including these game changes trainers in this list, even if they are a little outside of our usual MO.

Everyday Plastic says – “Given that only 1% of clothing is recycled, this is not only makes a great-looking show, but also a statement about what can be done with recycled plastic”

4. Surfers Against Sewage Bamboo Cutlery

They say – “Being super lightweight it is perfect for taking on picnics or eating out, this functional set works just as well as any other plastic equivalent, but can be used over, and over again, and the bamboo feels smooth in the mouth like any other cutlery.

We say – As daily “Grab and Goers” who regularly eat at our desks, we’ve become really conscious of how much disposable flatware, container and cutlery we use. In addition to making an effort to pick up lunch or order from restaurants and cafés that don’t use plastic packaging, we’ve moved using Bamboo cutlery too.

Everyday Plastic says – “Plastic cutlery is a scourge and given our love for grab-and-go lunches, we are using more plastic forks and spoons than ever. These are beautiful, sustainable and most importantly, reusable”

5. Ecoffeecup Bamboo fibre reusable cup

They say – “Ecoffee Cup is a new generation of reusable takeaway cup. Created with the world’s fastest growing, most sustainable crop – bamboo fibre, Ecoffee Cup is BPA and phthalate free. If you haven’t experienced Ecoffee Cup, it feels a bit like thick, yet super-light cardboard; hard to believe it can hold hot liquids.

We say – 100% plastic free cups that are lovely to drink from, long lasting, and super easy to clean. If you want a cost effective, genuinely nice-to-use solution to all those single use coffee cups and lids, then this is it

Everyday Plastic says – “Waitrose has recently announced that it will stop selling disposable coffee cups. They sell around 52 million per year, so it’s a huge statement. Bamboo is really coming into its own in the manufacture of sustainable products, and it’s great to see these cups last long and look lush.”

We’d love to hear from producers of innovative solutions for reducing plastic waste, and from businesses who have implemented initiatives and great ideas to reduce the amount of plastic they use as part of their operations.

And if you would like to speak to us about ways that we can support your business with reducing its environment impact or operating sustainably and responsibly, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.