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What We Do
Unleash the potential that exists in girls born into poverty in India. Helping them find independence and a rewarding career in the hospitality and creative industries.
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What We Do

Unleash the potential that exists in girls born into poverty in India. Helping them find independence and a rewarding career in the hospitality and creative industries.

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By funding and facilitating a great education, life coaching and career mentoring, we ensure the young women we work with achieve full autonomy over their lives and an equal place in the world.

The work we do is part-funded by The Rebel Company and our clients. A discretionary 1% is added to all invoices, which is matched by us. We invite you to further support our projects as an effective, transparent and compelling way to make a real difference.

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Why We Do It
A note from the founder
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Why We Do It

A note from the founder

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In 2010, I made my first trip to India with The Hope Foundation - an organisation dedicated to street and slum children.

I’ll never forget the people I met, as I realised just how much being born in a particular place and to be female determines your destiny. I continue to carry the significance of these memories to this day.

This project is the inevitable result of the last decade’s experiences. And a way to change as many lives as possible. Turning dreams into opportunities and for us to be lucky enough to be included on the journey.

On behalf of all the young women we work with, thank you for being here. And for your generous support.

Ed and Company

We believe that we have a collective responsibility to use the tools and knowledge available to us to make the biggest possible impact.

We raise funds to provide grants to grassroots development organisations working to improve the lives of young women in India.

Through education and career mentoring, provide opportunities for young women to discover their potential and a place in the creative and hospitality industries.

Every young woman in India is empowered to make her own choices and has complete control over her future. Reaching her academic potential with the opportunity of pursuing a fulfilling career.

To mobilise the creative and hospitality industries as agents of change. By shining a light on individual success stories, we engage and inspire our audience to donate, advocate and raise funds to continuously increase our impact.

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What We Believe
Our Values
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What We Believe

Our Values

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Promoting Positivity

Never dwelling on poverty or hardship, we make the stark reality of our beneficiaries' lives clear and then move on to focusing on the positives. We tell real stories focused on the benefits we promote. And on the change that can happen when girls are allowed to be themselves and excel.

Passionate about Changing the Game

We're never satisfied with the status quo and the young women we support are energised in the opportunities they have to make a difference. We focus on best-in-class with the support we provide and in everything we do.

Driven by Curiosity

The young women we work with live life with open eyes. Seizing opportunity with both hands to move forward. Together, we're always looking for ways to be better and to increase our impact and effectiveness. We know that this means constantly learning, measuring everything we do against established peers.

Focused on Excellence

We'll never compromise on the quality of our work or on the delivery of our partners' programmes. Our beneficiaries will be supported for as long as it takes to see sustainable results through genuine independence. As an organisation, we'll take our time to get things right and deliver a compelling and rewarding experience for our donors and supporters too.

Michelle Obama

“When you educate a girl, you educate a family, a community,
a country”

Our Case For Action


India’s global female literacy ranking


Girls are out of school in India


of girls complete secondary education


of girls are married before they’re 18


India’s UN gender equality ranking


the likelihood that female graduates are unemployed compared to their male peers

If all girls had a secondary education, there would be two-thirds fewer child marriages.

Creating one job in Media or Hospitality creates 3.6 jobs in the wider economy.

Poonam Case Study
Meet Poonam
Case Study
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Meet Poonam

Case Study

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Pooja is one of the first beneficiaries of our foundation. Currently studying sports marketing in Mumbai. This is her story.

My childhood was decent. I am glad to have parents like mine. They support me - be it education or football. They motivate me to do good work. Friends were never so good and constant cheating and bickering was the norm among them.

I never liked spending time with them. The neighbourhood in the slum I lived in was similar- jealousy among neighbours was common. The worst kind of problems we had was with water and sanitation. There was never enough water and five hundred of us shared a common washroom.

It was my sister who introduced me to football. She used to play with the OSCAR foundation. I used to think that she was wasting her time. My neighbourhood thought so too- and continued to - even when I played. Despite all these distractions, she played and I wondered why. I joined her one day for practice, and I loved it. I felt good to meet so many different people and play with them. Football was my new found passion- thanks to my coaches. They made football practice really interesting for me and got me involved with the sport.

Convincing my family and my neighbourhood was tough. My neighbours seemed to have a problem with everything about playing football. Right from telling my parents to not let me wear shorts and t-shirts, to even suggesting that I shouldn’t be allowed to play, and should help with household chores instead- they have been a tough obstacle I have had to deal with.

I convinced my mother despite all this, and thanks to her, I am now pursuing a life that I love - balancing sport and education. Through my coach, I joined the Youth Leadership programme at OSCAR foundation and have even started coaching kids from an underprivileged background.

A few of my footballing achievements include playing district level in Mumbai, playing slum soccer at a national level and also a football tournament in Moscow, Russia.

When OSCAR foundation gave me the idea of trying to pursue a career in sport with education as a backbone, a Sports Management course, I fell in love with the idea instantly. Since then, I have believed that it will be my way forward. I have had people who have looked at me like I was committing a sin while playing football, and I have had the community transform itself when they started sending their kids to me to get coached. I have seen the difference sport can make- first hand.

This is the road on which I want to travel, for which, I need a map and a vehicle - and a little support from you will help me travel this path successfully.

What We Do

We will make a direct, sustained and measurable difference to the lives of the young women we support. This is our commitment to them. But the indirect benefits don't stop there.

When a young women is educated, independent and successful, great things happen indirectly too.

Families and communities begin to see educating girls as a necessity and a right, not a privilege. Young women marry later and have fewer children. Workplace diversity benefits businesses and the wider economy.

The young women remain engaged with their communities and supportive of our collective cause. Furthering the work that has benefitted them so much becomes a lifelong commitment.

Board of Trustees

Trustee / VP, Head of Debt Capital Markets at ZestMoney

Trustee / Partner at Stewarts Law LLP

Trustee / Barrister at Blackstone Chambers

Trustee / Angel Investor, Property Acquisition, and Development

Founder & Chair / Founder at The Rebel Company

Company Information

Our registered address is 43- 45 Newcombe House, Notting Hill Gate, London, United Kingdom, England, W11 3LQ

Registered in England and Wales with company number 11968627 with registered charity number 1191228