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Fe2Go, Home Counties

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We helped Fego to

At the height of Lockdown, our clients at Fego needed to create and launch a delivery product fast. Supporting their community and suppliers was always going to be paramount. A totally new revenue stream that was operationally deliverable was essential to the business’ survival.

This project was delivered from campaign concept to MVP launch in less than a week. And involved product development, website and e-commerce build, print and digital design, and a go-to-market strategy across multiple digital and offline channels.

The product development centered on working around what the group of cafés is famous for, across breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whilst complimenting this with new offerings that solved the needs of their fans whilst they were stuck at home. This was built around three key elements -

Fego Delivered

A reduced a la carte menu including the classic go-to Fego dishes from their cafés as well as seasonal specials using the best ingredients direct from local suppliers.

Family Feasts

A bespoke range of beautifully crafted, healthy and hearty ready-to-heat meals to be enjoyed at home.

Daily Provisions

Top-quality fresh produce, provisions and larder goods, sourced from local friends, suppliers and retailers and delivered directly to your doorstep.

Digital Marketing

Once the product was confirmed and we had built the website and created the relevant campaign assets, we launched and ran a digital campaign driving sales through the site. Taking a location-specific approach to targeting specific cafés in the estate.

Campaign highlights included -

  1. Concept to launch in 5 days
  2. An 8.64x return on ad spend in the first month
  3. The decision to make the sub-brand and e-commerce service an ongoing part of the business
Ed Francis
Strategy Director
Lucy McCormick
Project Producer
Website and Digital Marketing
Graphic Design