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Case Study

Kurami, London

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We helped Camilla Pigozzi Garofalo to bring a health and wellness-inspired meal subscription business to life.

Our brief was to create a brand from scratch that would appeal to a discerning, predominantly female audience who are looking to marry convenience with health and wellness when deciding how and what they eat.

Our response was a brand that took its cues from high end cosmetic and beauty brands, delivering a minimal and slick identity with touches of colour, flair and personality.

The name Kurami was created collaboratively with the Italian client, bringing together the elements of a personal journey - the “Mi” - and an implication of how eating the right things can have enormous health benefits - “Kura” meaning Cure in Italian.

We conducted extensive competitor and market analysis to understand where the opportunities were for a fresh, innovative brand and proposition, before going on to develop the strategic approach, company value proposition, visual identity, packaging design and digital assets for social media.

We briefing in PR and Marketing partners, and provided production and creative direction for a product and lifestyle photoshoot to bring the food and drink to life.

Ed Francis
Strategy Director
Paul McVey
Creative Director
Mike Pawlukiewicz
Design Director
Culinary Development
Food Photography
Food Styling
Product Photography
Print and Digital Design
Beauty PR