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Moxy and Aloft Hotels, Worldwide

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We helped Marriott Hotels to offer a sector-leading lobby experience in two of their fastest growing hotel brands.

We began this project with a detailed review of both Moxy and Aloft’s current lobby, food and drink experiences in both Europe and the USA; visiting a number of properties from London to Brussels in Europe and New Orleans, Denver and Chicago in the USA.

We conducted some informal guest intercepts to gain unbiased insights into the current perception of the brands, where the positives lie and which areas were perceived as being in need of revisions and updates.

Whilst in the USA, we visited a number of aspirational corporate and independent hotels, bars and restaurants to gain insights into the market there, whilst benchmarking the European properties against key established operators in the markets where the brands are currently present and scheduled to open.

Collating this information allowed us to then work with the client to align a number of stakeholders from several departments within Marriott and with the developer community in both continents.

“You couldn’t find a nicer, more creative group of people to work with”

Gustaf Pilebier, Director of F&B Development, Marriott Hotels, Europe

MOXY Drinks Programme

We created a quality-focused yet easy to deliver signature drinks programme that enhances the Moxy experience and helps define the brand.

The programme includes a range of signature cocktails, a welcome drink and iced teas on tap, with drinks brought alive through playful serves, ‘pimpability’ and fun, edible garnishes.

Other components of the programme included -

1. House “SodaMakers” which can be loaded with a shot of liquor

2. “Low and No” for those not wishing to drink full-strength cocktails

3. Kombucha or Cold Brew on tap

4. Wine, beer and spirits architectures that allow for localisation

5. A curated range of nostalgic craft sodas

MOXY Food Programme

What began as a small insights-based part of this scope developed into a wholesale review and uplift of the brand’s approach to food in Europe. This saw us working collaboratively with Marriott’s in-house development team and certain engaged stakeholders from the owner community.

Key deliverables were based on our insights combined with results and ratings from internal measures. And in response to these, we worked across breakfast, bar food, retail and grab & go; creating a food programme with simplicity, scalability and speed in mind.

For Lounge Lovers

In response to changing consumer expectations and in line with the brand’s desire to activate their lobbies, we created a menu fit for mobile working, informal meeting and relaxing in the hotels’ lobbies, drawing from the development work done in other areas to keep things from becoming too complex for the operations teams,

Street Food Concepts

There was a desire from the Moxy developer and owner community to offer something different, above and beyond the core food programme. This was particularly a focus for properties that aren’t located nearby other restaurant options for their guest, or those at airports which must frequently cater to last-minute layover business from airlines.

Building on the core programmes we had previously developed and considering operational feasibility, our response was to create a series of street food concepts that could be implemented in rotation to keep the offer fresh and interesting, with no need to change equipment or operational layout.

The five concepts were designed with evolving consumer expectations and trends in mind, inspired by key high street players in major European cities.

Collateral Design Update

Taking our cues from the American iteration of the Re:fuel identity that had been developed in line with the overall repositioning of the hotel brand, we created new printed collateral, signage and wayfinding with single and dual-language versions, to be used throughout the continent.

This included styling and directing a photoshoot to capture the programme for both the in house collateral and signage, and for internal training and communication purposes.

Aloft Drinks Programme

“Live @ Aloft: A Cocktail Compilation”

Our brief was to create a drinks and bar concept that tied into and elevated the hotel brand’s links to music through their ongoing “Live @ Aloft” series.

Our response was a signature cocktail programme that’s fun and nostalgic. Each cocktail tells the story of a moment in time in recent musical history, from the dawn of music video channels in 1981 to the present day - told through the style of the drinks, the presentation, and service ware. This included developing a bespoke tiki Boombox sharing glass to define the concept.

Other components of the programme included -

1. A tiered approach for hotels with different needs and limitations

2. “Canned Cocktails” inspired by Genuine Liquorette

3. A bank of reimagined classics
4. Space for localisation so hotels can customise the programme.

Training Films

To bring the cocktail programme alive and to ensure consistent delivery across the estate of properties, we created a suit of practical training films covering the drinks themselves and the principals behind batching for draught and pre-prepared drinks.

Watch a sample here

Aloft Lifestyle Photoshoot

As the core project was coming to completion, we were asked by the Brand team in the EU to capture the new food, drink and experience programmes for Aloft in pictures to enable them to market the project.

We produced and provided creative direction for a lifestyle photo shoot at the brand’s Munich property, working with our roster of talent to source and manage models and props before executing the shoot over three days.

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